Welcome Chef Philippe Coeurdassierto

The Elm Hurst Inn and Spa are delighted to welcome Chef Philippe Coeurdassierto lead the culinary team!

Born in France, Chef Phillippe has worked in Michelin restaurants in France with Chef Guy Savoy. As much as he loved France, his sense of adventure took him around the world and he finally settled in London, Ontario with his family.
Chef Phillipe leads his culinary team at the Elm Hurst both by example and taking the time to demonstrate techniques and skills he has developed over the decades. “The staff see the Chef working and say ‘we have to work’ too. I’m teaching them some pastry skills as I’m also a pastry chef.
Chef Phillipe says he always has goals for every establishment he heads up and the Elm Hurst is no exception. He would like to guide the Elm Hurst restaurant to a star ranking in the world-famous Michelin guide. “It would be good for everyone who works here,” he enthuses. He is also seeking qualification as a Master Chef. If he achieves this goal, he will be the only Master Chef in the London, Ontario area.
Currently there are only three Master Chefs in Canada. But for now, he is hard at work designing a new menu and elevating his staff in their skills and confidence. “I have a great team and the Elm Hurst Inn is my new home”.